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Your bucket is leaking!

by Len Luckie 3396 days ago

All businesses have some form of a marketing strategy to acquire new clients. However, it’s inevitable that they will lose clients at some point. Unfortunately the common reaction is to concentrate only on the task of getting new clients to replace the lost business… and so, the cycle continues.

Stop! It’s time to look at your business as you would a “leaking bucket”. You can keep pouring new clients into the top, but what are you doing to stop your current clients from reaching that hole in the bottom of the bucket? What are you doing to find out why some of your clients have fallen through the hole and to get them back into the bucket?


Here’s how! Focus on just three main strategies:

  1. Acquire new clients.  Understand your target market and the trends affecting its growth or demise. Then develop a measurable marketing strategy to maximize new business opportunities and sales growth.
  2. Maintain current clients.  You’ve worked hard to attract new clients and it’s an expensive process, so it makes sense to take care of them once you’re got them. That means communicating with them and adjusting products and services to meet their specific needs. Forget about them and they will forget about you!
  3. Reactivate ex-clients. Some where along the line you didn’t meet certain clients’ expectations.  It’s your job to find out why and to correct any inefficiency.  Ask your ex-clients for help in making your business a better place so that they may return some day.

It’s time to take care of your leaking bucket.  It’s time to call CommuniMax Direct!

Welcome to CommuniMax's new website

by Len Luckie 3423 days ago

CommuniMax Direct was incorporated in 1988. Our advertising agency was indeed here during the very early stages of the Internet’s development in the late 1980’s.

The Internet only became commercialized in 1995 and then less than 5% of information flowed through this wonderful medium. Business activities on the Internet were steadily increasing worldwide over the next five years. So, we launched our first website in 2000, but the use of Internet-based technologies just exploded over the next few years, offering more dynamic and creative approaches to websites. We couldn’t resist!  We revamped our website in 2003.

Our core business has always been and still is today, the development and execution of successful direct marketing campaigns. Our clients encompass banks to cosmetics, whiskey to tires… magazines to cell phones… and even a circus in Las Vegas!  Internet use has now expanded to the point that more than 98% of business communications flow through it.  The Internet has taught us that every business must constantly evolve and develop more services well within their area of expertise.  We’ve been doing exactly that for more than 24 years while we’ve seen many advertising agencies come and go.

We launched a new website today to reflect who we are and just as important, who we are not. When clients choose CommuniMax, they are selecting two professionals with more than 35 years of success in direct marketing.  We are the owners of the agency. We are the right expertise for our clients.  We are not junior coordinators assigned to a client’s account while a senior account executive moves on to other “more important” clients.

This new website also promotes our RFID Shields, one of the most important advances in fraud prevention for credit cards and debit cards today.  Our expertise in developing and executing successful direct marketing campaigns and our extensive knowledge of printing processes are a perfect combination for this much-needed product. We have been taking care of our bank clients for so many years.  Now we will be able to help them take care of their clients too. 

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