Smart cards with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology allow a consumer to simply wave a card at an RFID reader to complete a transaction without using a PIN.  The transaction’s amount is usually limited to $100, which is convenient at a gas pump or fast food restaurant.  Unfortunately, it also allows a thief to use a concealed card reader to steal information stored on the card’s chip.  The thief doesn’t even have to be close to the person’s wallet or purse to read the card.

You might say, “It’s only $100 so who would want to bother stealing a card’s number and expiration date?”  However, the stolen information is distributed through the Internet to organized crime.  The card is usually cloned by the thousands in a matter of days and spread like a virus internationally, all without the need of the cardholder’s PIN… and without the knowledge that card has been compromised until it’s too late.

CommuniMax Direct is an authorized agent and distributor for RFID Shields*. The unique design of these multi-ply laminate envelopes protects against unauthorized detection of the data and identity on credit and debit cards, E-passports, border ID’s, employee ID’s, access control cards and gift cards.  Our RFID Shields meet US Federal Government Standards.  (FIPS 201 approved.) All US passport cards are now issued with these specific envelopes.

* Provides a security barrier at 13.56MHz and 860-980MHz.

Our RFID Shields are the perfect appreciation gift for hotels to their guests, banks and insurance companies to their clients and for department stores to their customers.  Our shields can be printed with 4-colour process to promote your products and services and your contact information.  Your name and telephone number will be top of mind every time your client reaches for a smart card.  It’s better than giving your client a business card!

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